Invest in short-term property loans from as little as £100 and earn up to 7.2%* *Capital is at risk.

Lend money alongside UK property experts on our peer-to-peer lending platform and earn competitive interest rates.

With Kuflink, you can build your own property loan investment portfolio by lending money to individuals and property professionals for a short term.

All of our lending opportunities are thoroughly assessed and credit-approved. What’s more, we are so confident in our deals that our sister company, Kuflink Bridging, invests 20% of every single loan alongside lenders just like you!

Investing with Kuflink is simple and straightforward – you don’t need to be a property specialist or an investment guru to make your money grow.

How it works

On a monthly basis you can access the interest accrued and will receive your capital at the end of the investment period – typically 1 to 12 months.

Get started

Our Platform

Once you have created your online Kuflink account you’ll have access to our secure lending platform where you can view both current and past opportunities, top up your wallet and manage your investment portfolio. Our sophisticated yet easy-to-use portal shows you what deals you have invested in, how much money you have lent towards each one and the amount of interest you have earned. You’ll have a dashboard where you can monitor the progress of your investments and get an overview of your account activity.

What our investors say about Kuflink

I didn't know much about lending platforms in terms of using them to earn interest until i talked to Kuflink and they have made it really easy for me. The information online was simple to understand, and it was very quick to open an account. Their customer service is really good too so you can always talk to someone if you need to. I enjoyed lending on properties you could see and i have already started earning interest

- Lisa

I have invested on several occasions now with Kuflink, the website is very user friendly and nice to be able see the current properties that are available for investments. The staff are polite and professional with communication, there was no hard selling which made me feel very comfortable with investing

- Peter

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