Why sit back and allow your hard earned cash to underperform, and perhaps even lose value in a traditional savings account when you could sit back, relax and watch your money grow!

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The fact that their sister company risks 20% of the overall lending shows how confident they are in their credit checks before lending out your money. Being of a cautious nature, my initial investment was relatively small, but during March and April, I have more than quadrupled my investment. The returns are clearly shown on your account online, and easy to withdraw at the start of a new month.

Ali Meherali

As a new investor into this type of product I wasn’t sure how safe it would be, however looking at how the risk is managed by Kuflink and the fact that Kuflink Bridging take the first 20% of any loss if it occurred overcame my concerns

Ted Small

I have invested on several occasions now with Kuflink, the website is very user friendly and nice to be able see the current properties that are available for investments.
The staff are polite and professional with communication, there was no hard selling which made me feel very comfortable

Peter Wilkins

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