Lend and earn
returns of up to 6% pa*
Secured on property. Zero Defaults to date.
Kuflink Bridging lends 20% with you.
Regulated by the FCA.
*Past returns are not necessarily a guide to future returns. Property values can fall. Your capital is at risk.

Why lend on the Platform

  • The Kuflink Group prides itself on the selection of lending opportunities and the relationships we forge with our lenders and borrowers.
  • We are different from other lending Platforms and lend alongside every deal on the Platform through our sister company Kuflink Bridging.
  • With us you always know where you stand whether it be as a lender or a borrower.
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We make lending on the Platform easy

We know that the whole is greater than the sum of its parts – that’s why we believe in bringing people together to make high-value returns. Straightforward, simple and effective.

High-Value Returns

Monthly Interest Payments

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Term Lending

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*Past returns are not necessarily a guide to future returns. Capital is at risk.


My father who has known Kuflink for some time recommended them to me. I am from an accountancy background I looked at the group accounts and could see that they were making profits each trading year. Unlike some Peer to Peer platforms money is only lent on secured property at a relatively low loan to value.

Emma Pritchard, lender

A friend introduced me to Kuflink and explained the basics of their business to me. To be honest, “Fintech” was a word new to me, but the more I looked into it the more interested I became. The fact that this was a company based only four miles from my home helped as I could talk to them in person. Lending on the Kuflink Platform has proved both easy and rewarding.

Lenard Wilton, lender

In the current market environment finding healthy returns on cash is becoming increasing difficult. P2P lending and Bridging finance via Kuflink offer a decent risk return ratio in a diversified portfolio. I have invested in two of their current projects and met the management team. The platform is quick and easy to use, interest has been paid on time and the fact that Kuflink Bridging are deploying their own capital alongside lenders gave me confidence to invest. Kuflink is proving very complimentary to my overall investment portfolio.

Jason Thiel, lender

I’m fairly new to the concept of p2p lending and have looked at a number of sites. I liked the fact that Kuflink Bridging is a property based lending company which is important. They actually take 20% of every loan placed on their platform so the actual exposure is reduced. My experience with Kuflink so far has been great - their platform is simple, informative and easy to use.

Sonia Horton, lender


Kuflink work with some of the leading organisations in finance and property. Here are just of few of our partners.